Little By Little

We stopped hanging out with that couple and thing suddenly seems to be better, a little. Except now we had gained a new group of friends and new neighbors, so the time we spent just us was very minimal. With these get together and parties came, you guessed it, alcohol.  It seemed that there was… Continue reading Little By Little


Just a few weeks after having our daughter we attended the Marine Corps Birthday ball along side many other marines and spouses as we did every November.  I was dressed to the nines, corset top, layered lace skirt, my special handcrafted Marine Corps glitter heels that had become famous within our marine corps community. I… Continue reading Confusion

Heads Carolina…

We finally arrived! North Carolina was beautiful, exactly how I remembered it when I had my family vacations at Emerald Isle. I was so thrilled to be there, I felt blessed. I was sad too, our life was not at all how I pictured it would while I was there because of my husbands injuries… Continue reading Heads Carolina…

My Prayer Answered; or was it?

WE GOT ORDERS! The Marine Corps finally agreed with the requests of a location change, and we’re sending us to North Carolina. I was SO excited, there really are no words to express the excitement about starting new, getting out of California, away from the people who kept our lives at a stand still. I… Continue reading My Prayer Answered; or was it?

Just why?

A couple months following the wedding incident, my husband was offered to go to a concert in Los Angeles County with a couple buddies of his.  Here’s the kicker. He offered to be the designated driver again. I wanted to go to the zoo the following day, Sunday, with our kiddo. He assured me he… Continue reading Just why?

When is enough, enough? 

This is where my fears became reality. I got w phone call from my OBGYN telling me they found unusual cells on my cervix. Immediately my mind went back to when I was pregnant with my son and received the call that somehow I contracted an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), chlamydia. I stunned then, and… Continue reading When is enough, enough? 

A Little Breath of Fresh Air

Like I said, I stayed… that July we moved into our new house. OH man did I love this house. Sweet little single story on base. I loved it. There life kind of fell into a routine. I woke up, took care of our son, fed the dogs, cleaned the house. You know the typical… Continue reading A Little Breath of Fresh Air